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A bit about me

Do I really have to write this? I've always tried not to be a me, me, me...
Besides, someone's already done more accurately than I could on wikipedia and on IMDd.
Those two websites are great for the date and place of birth, as well as listing the TV, films, stage and radio I've worked on.
What the websites don't do is describe what it was like working on those productions, alongside the wonderful and sometimes not-so-wonderful personalities involved. They also don't divulge the highs and lows of over 40 years of marriage, bringing up three kids as well as emerging grandchildren. If you're interested, Learning My Lines hopefully fills in the gaps for you.
That's me in the picture (above) sitting in our front room in London. The TV is switched on beside me, BBC Radio 4 is on (a little too loudly) in the kitchen and Bonnie the cat is at my ankles asking to be fed.
Right above me is my 'office'. That's where I like to write. I write there, and in Brighton looking over the sea.

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