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'Frank sat slumped in a chair. He’s been in this care home for three years. George hated this place but he felt it was his duty to see his brother-in-law once a year.

“I’m rotting in this place, but you’re free, George. Look forward. Get off your arse!” George, sitting in his flat, watching the rain pouring down, he thought about Frank’s words ‘Get off your arse’. Little did he know that in eight months he’d be running in the London marathon.'


That's me on the left smiling away on the couch a few years back. Why? Because my autobiography 'Learning My Lines' was about to be published. After a bit of a 'push' from my publishers, little interest, I realised that my 'reach' was minimal and consequently the book didn't set the book world ablaze.


Having wrestled the book rights back from the 'publisher', I now have piles of books that I keep tripping over. But, undaunted, I decided to self publish a novel...'Echoes' and I have embarked on the lonely road of giving talks in function rooms of pubs trying to shift a few with mixed success. But will I give up? You can bet your sweet bippy that I won't. Watch this space.    Ray


A promo video for my autobiography

with thanks to Harry Collison for his editing talents

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