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‘It’s a dark world Peter Bell finds himself in when he is given a gold signet ring which he sells. His friends become strangers. The one person he believed is lying. Everything has changed. 


Unbeknown to him, The Griffin, the Priest’s house, holds a deep dark secret. 


Would the fires of Hell open up and consume the guilty?’



That's me on the left smiling away on the couch a few years back. Why? Because my autobiography 'Learning My Lines' was about to be published. After a bit of a 'push' from my publishers, little interest, I realised that my 'reach' was minimal and consequently the book didn't set the book world ablaze.


Having wrestled the book rights back from the 'publisher', I now have piles of books that I keep tripping over. But, undaunted, I decided to self publish a novel...'Echoes' and I have embarked on the lonely road of giving talks in function rooms of pubs trying to shift a few with mixed success. But will I give up? You can bet your sweet bippy that I won't. Watch this space.    Ray


A promo video for my autobiography

with thanks to Harry Collison for his editing talents

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Talking Cathy, Pauline Fowler and Daleks last year (youtube)


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